Grace Giving

"Grace, its the name for a girl.  It's also a thought that changed the world."

For those of you who know me, you know being an oncology social worker is something that is dear to my heart.  While I am not practicing social work right now, Time Snap wouldn't be complete without a deeper mission.

Nearly 700,000 Americans are currently living with a brain tumor diagnosis.  More than 500 new cases are diagnosed every day and sadly, it is expected that 13,000 people will lose their battle to a brain tumor this year.  I assisted my patients in preserving their legacies, and watched as they felt love, regret, joy, grief, friendship and pain. I learned so much from my patients.

GO. One simple word with a lot of impact and energy.  We’re always on the GO.  But GO means more to me than that.  Grace Oliver-Daday, or G.O., was one of my patients that impacted me in a huge way.  Grace wanted to become a teacher, a wife, and a mother.  She wanted to get out there and GO.  Grace was diagnosed with brain cancer when she was just 21 years old in the summer of 2012 and lost her fight in July 2015, six days following her wedding.  Unfortunately, Grace never had the chance to fulfill all of the roles that she dreamed.  But, her memories and joy for life live on in her family, friends, and all those she knew, like me.  I have permission from her family to spread the word about Grace.  Their exact words were, "OF COURSE.  Grace would be pissed if you didn't!"  Yup, that's Grace and that's her family.

A portion of our proceeds benefit, Grace Giving.  A collection of family and friends started a not-for-profit organization in honor of Grace.  The funds benefit critical research in the pursuit of advancement in brain tumor diagnosis, treatment and care.

Time Snap is about so much more than taking pictures.  It’s about capturing a small moment in our lives and then moving on to really LIVE our lives. It’s about tucking your phone away and soaking up time with your family.  It’s my way to honor Grace and remind us all to GO and LIVE.  

Full of Grace,