14 Lessons I learned at MommyCon


People are freaking awesome!  No way I could keep this list to 10. I really enjoyed spending last weekend at MommyCon Chicago, a conference for moms and moms-to-be. The biggest highlights, by far, were the people I met.  

1) Laura Woj from @superundies. She changed my business life! I met her Friday while setting up and she asked me to dinner.  On Saturday we had an almost 4 hour dinner date. I would have consumed all the cocktails, but I had to drive and I was too busy taking notes. That woman is on fire and I love her. I cannot thank her enough. Love ya, Laura.

2) Amber from @babyganicschi.  She encouraged me to do the event months ago and I listened to her. She so right. So right.  The best part was showing up to my booth after my one bathroom break on Saturday to find babyganics lip balm left behind my booth - sneaky girl. It was so nice to have a familiar face at MommyCon stopping by and checking on me!

3) When I showed up at MommyCon on Saturday, the booth next to me sounded familiar (@LatchPal). Instantly, I sensed a strange connection and told her I had heard of her brand. I said I wasn’t sure how but oddly I felt like I knew her. She was a huge resource to me and answered all my questions as things came up over the weekend and gave me so much advice for my company. At the end of weekend I purchased her product for my friend Sara who is about to have a baby. Credit card swiped and an hour later I got a call from my husband asking if I knew Melissa? He saw the Latch Pal come through on the credit card. Melissa and my husband use to work in the same industry and were friends. He recognized the Latch Pal name. Full circle, it was Tony who told me years ago about Latch Pal - a woman in his industry who left to start a company, much like myself. I've yet to connect with her post conference … she still doesn't know yet that I'm Tony's wife and that's how I knew of her!

4) A woman came running up to my booth and said "I've BEEN LOOKING FOR YOU ALL DAY! I WANT A GREY TIME SNAP!!!" She was thrilled and couldn't wait to get one in her hands. Shocking, I gave her a hug.

5) The retailers who were perhaps MORE excited about my product than anyone I've ever seen. Hands down, very flattering. One in Alaska and two in Indiana. My product is making its way to my hometown state and ALASKA!!! More hugs given. Obviously.

6) To all the mommas that took a Time Snap photo and the look on their face when they saw the photo. The best. Day made.

7) THE PEOPLE. EVERYONE. THE REAL CONVERSATIONS. Wow – I won't get into details but pretty much covered everything across the board from A-Z.

8) The foster mom I met, caring for a 5 week old for the past 4 weeks. Thinking of her and hope she eventually does get to adopt, as that was her wish - what a special woman she was. More hugs given.

9) To all the small biz owners - holy cow; what you do amazes me. If you had one sale or 1,000 - you should be proud of yourself. You are awesome for being brave, vulnerable and trying. You’re a bad a$$ and inspire me. I had zero clue what it took to do this and completely humbled by the experience of being a small business owner.

10) This mama was TERRIFIED for MommyCon. Putting yourself, your product, and all the time creating a product - was put to the test in front of a crowd of folks. Might not sound like a big deal, but when you work on something daily for a long time - anticipation builds. I’m beyond grateful it was a positive experience. I feel relief.

11) To my "Assistant Anthony" who wrote me a "note" that I found in my lunch pail - you never complain and give me all the tools to focus as best I can being while being a Work at Home Mom. You’re seriously the best. Your second note when I got home makes me know that even though this is hard and stressful managing it all at times - You have my back.

12) My friend Beth who came to cover my booth so I could network - you have so many talents, what an amazing friend and smart woman you are.

13) The ladies at @TheBirthBoutique. On Saturday I finally met Lindsey's two partners who I instantly loved. I knew they were great when they were struggling putting their banner together and hysterically laughing at themselves. Love people who are real and don't take everything so seriously!

14) To the mom I met at the end of the day on Saturday who told me she felt like a bad mom because she didn't take monthly pictures. She was deciding what products to buy and obviously couldn't afford everything she wanted. I could tell she felt guilty and she said she felt terrible because, "everyone else does monthly pictures, but I haven't." I flat out told her NOT to buy my product and that she is not a bad mom for not taking monthly pictures. I told her that part of my belief was that I never wanted to create a product that causes moms to compare themselves, their photos or feel badly. I explained this wasn't about getting the perfect photo or a photo at all. It was about being present and getting back to the living. At the end of the day, it totally doesn't matter. I gave her a hug and she was on her way.

SO many more family and friends who called, texted, watched my IG stories, liked my posts, and plain/simple - just supported and loved me in a way that seemed perhaps small to you - it was big to me. I see you and I love you too. What a weekend, folks.


Full of Grace and all the hugs, 





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  • Oh mar bear. YOU are amazing. YOU are inspiring. YOU made this happen. So unbelievably proud of you and one of the best things about reading all of your posts is you can feel your happiness and excitement in your words. Nice work mama. Xoxox

  • Mary, an amazing post. Congrats

    Mary Jo
  • GREAT post!!
    So proud of you and can’t wait to hear even more. I bet you are even more busy now ;0


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